Class Cleric 6
Race Human
Age 25?
Alignment Chaotic Good
Status Alive
Character Sheet [1]

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Vic is a Human Cleric played by the D&D player, David Kautz. Vic is a quiet young man who having been raised by wolves a majority of his childhood, can have trouble with socializing with others. He licks things to learn a bit more about them, a technique he was taught from his alpha wolfather. He isn't the most perceptive of others and doesn't always pick up on clues. He is however, very open to others ways of doing things due to his lack of thinking things through. He was always a good follower of his pack family, not a great leader. He also enjoys eggs very much for any meal of the day.



As an infant, Vic was kidnapped by bandits hoping for a ransom, because he was born to a wealthy family. However, the bandits got lost in the vast woods, abandoned the child in hopes of finding their way out of the woods, and got eaten by wolves. The wolves were intelligent animals who raised Vic as one of their own (hence his propensity to lick things, his reliable intuition, and his good sense of smell and taste).

When he was in his early teens, the wolf pack was attacked by a group of nobles who hunted for sport. A couple who was on the hunting party decided to "save" Vic from the "bad" wolves and took him in as their adopted child. Vic rebelled at first, but became fascinated with the shiny clothing and vastly different way of life. In order to "civilize" Vic, the couple enrolled him in Cleric school and immersed him into religion. Vic became a Cleric of Pelor, but he never really bought into the whole "deities are real" thing. He just worshiped Pelor for the magic.

Years later (in his early adulthood) he was working as a cleric healer in the city. He visited his parents and found an old coat hanging on the back of a chair. With his acute smell and licking abilities, he was able to recognize the fur of his former wolf family-- the wolves had been killed and made into coats! He abandoned his human parents and set out to look for what remained of his wolf pack. As he was heading to the Enderland capital to request a census of all the forests in the kingdom, he met up with the traveling party, bonded, and decided that by saving the world form the impending evil, he can help all the world's wolf packs.



Vic isn't driven by his ambitions as much as others. He wants to belong in a pack and be respected by his fellow members/friends. He does want to meet with his pack family he lost years ago and hopes to see them again.



Vic isn't very phased by her. She seems like a normal quiet person. Although has mystery and may have been harmed in her past to make her very passionate about certain subjects/events. Neutral feelings.

Oh. And apparently. Not so normal.


Isaac seems to be the kindest member among the group. He is definitely worthy of being a leader among them. Although his past seems mysterious and unknown, Vic believes he is a new man since whatever evil misdoings he has been apart of in the past. If anything, Vic believes he is a good partner to work beside, and maybe an even better friend...


Vic is unsure if Kal is a mean person, or if he was a good person with bad life events thrown upon him. He seems very mean to the others in the group. Although he Seems to have emotional issues and sexist tendencies...He has been good to Vic. Either way, it's best to try to keep on his good side.


Smart, cunning, intimidating. These are the words that describe Namfoodle for Vic. Vic is a little afraid of getting on Namfoodles bad side, seeing as how he will have so low concern for others emotions and lives that he may even sit reading a book while the rest of the team fights mind-controlling plants. Not to mention he could read Vics mind at any moment. However, Vic also respects him for always thinking ahead, and usually knows what the team should do.


Vic thinks: I'm not sure what she was raised by, but she doesn't seem to know what shes doing very often. She may be someone to watch, because she may be the most untrustworthy of the group due to either mental or emotional confusion.


Vic once made a boring anatomy book more interesting by balancing it on his head for over 5 minutes straight. Quite an achievement.


"I'm blending in with others, in my own way."

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