Aetraterra: The Gods' Ultimatum Wiki
Mysteries DM Notes
How did the late king and queen of Enderland really die?
  • Visit the Capital City
  • Explore the Royal Palace
Who is Southpaw and what are their goals? Find Southpaw headquarters
What's really happening to the disappearing residences of Creston that are interrogated by The Nightingale Bandit? Talk to the Bandit
What did the head bookkeeper before Adreyan do to make someone want him dead? Does Adreyan have new insight?
Who is the Voice of the Gods? Chapter 3
What kind of business were the elves that built the catacombs up to? Torture tables and dungeons, what?
  • How did the monastery end up on top of the catacombs?
  • What is depicted by the echoes in the catacombs? There is fighting and fire - that's all we know.
Chapter 3 - Learn the history of the Tome
What is the Tome of Time, and what does Lanaea want with it? Ask Lanaea - Collect more information on the Tome
Why were the trees in Duskorb Forest moving in Session 04? Knowledge: Nature
What is causing the Time anomalies? Chapter 3
What is the rift we saw when the Sangor anomaly collapsed? Why did the debris that fell out of it suddenly become tangible, when the objects in the echo visions weren't? Chapter 3
What happened to Lily and the bronze dragon off the coast of Tendaji?
What happened to all of the explorers who tried to visit Kirabo between the suppression field's installment and the party's arrival?