Tome of Time
Session03 Tome
Type Artifact, Spellbook(?)
Created By Unknown
Age Unknown- Predates Enderland
First Appeared Session 03: A Tome of Time
Status In Isaac's possession.

The Tome of Time is the name used by the Party to refer to the apparently powerful artifact discovered in catacombs beneath the Creston monastery. It seems to influence time in its vicinity, but the specifics are still unknown. It is currently in Isaac's possession.


The tome's history is unknown. As it was discovered in the catacombs, which are of elven origin, it's date of creation may be prior to the human colonization of Enderland.

Session03 Decree

The tome is an apparent survivor of the Divine Decree that anything related to the "Unnatural Use of Time" be destroyed. Whoever possessed it before the Party must have willfully ignored the decree, as a copy of it was found in the tome itself.

The party unearthed the tome during their exploration of the monastery dungeon. In a burnt library, it was found beneath three skeletons, which were themselves hidden under secret trap door emblazoned with a Heron, not unlike the trapdoor the party used to enter the catacombs in the first place. Namfoodle Scheppen first attempted to read the tome, but was rewarded with only a painful headache for his efforts.

Upon being opened, an elven ghost appeared from one of the skeletons and demanded that the tome be returned. Another ghost, also elven, followed, arguing that it should instead be destroyed. In the confusion, Isaac discretely slipped the tome into his handy haversack, smuggling it away.


A large tome. The writing within swirls incomprehensibly.

Powers And AbilitiesEdit

It possesses some influence over time in its immediate vicinity. The details, and any further information, are unknown. A mystery of particular note is whether the tome amplifies already existing time anomalies, or whether it causes them.


  • Reading the book resulted in a headache. The language could not be read by Namfoodle.
  • While investigating the burnt library where the tome was found, Isaac experienced vivid memories of his first time artificing. Upon taking the tome out of his extra-dimensional bag, the memory surged stronger.
  • While in the large room with a mountain of corpses, Kal Grobnar was able to see shadows that the party surmised were time related. Taking the tome out again, the shadows became slightly more defined and animated. The party witnessed a long-past fire in the dungeon, as well as the shades of prisoners running from their cells and being drawn to the corpse mound's present location. A visage of the recently defeated ghast, far more defined than the numerous shades, was beginning to take form, but this was cut short when the tome was returned to the extra-dimensional bag-space.


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