This is a chronological account of key events in the campaign.

'Year 0' refers to the year the campaign begins.

'BC' refers to years Before the Campaign.

'AS' refers to years After the campaign Starts.


Date Events
?BC Present-day Enderland is settled by elves.
?BC A Divine Decree is declared by The Voice of the Gods, mandating that anything related to the unnatural use of time be destroyed.
?BC Endronius VII leads humans to Enderland
32BC Isaac Coale is born.
Feb 18, 18BC Olivia Whitaker is born.
10BC Isaac's first crew falls apart.
Sep, 3BC approx Lanaea is initiated into the Creston Monastery.
Sep, 2BC approx Citizens start disappearing from Creston.
1BC The king, queen, and princess of Enderland are killed mysteriously during a struggle with the kobold clans.
1 BC Isaac Coale's second party violently shatters. He leaves the area around Sinkoff, and attempts a solo treasure hunting career.
Sep, 1BC approx The Nightingale Bandit becomes conspicuously active.
Feb 26, Year 0 Olivia becomes Emilie Barrowman

01, 02, The Party is formed.

Mar 16, Year 0 03, 04, The Party learns of Time Magic.
Mar 18, Year 0 04a, 05, 06, The Nightingale Bandit evades The Party in Creston.
Mar 19, Year 0 07, A mole in the military has turned The Party into wanted criminals.
Mar 20, Year 0 08, The Party flees Creston.
Mar 22, Year 0 09, The Party reaches Flowburg.
Mar 23, Year 0 The Party sets sail for Trapden.
Mar 24, Year 0 10, The Party reaches Trapden.
Mar 25, Year 0 Isaac's old friends attempt to exact revenge against him.
Mar 26, Year 0 10a, The Party sets sail for Sangor.

11, The Party docks at Sangor. Emilie is discovered to be undead.

Apr 4, Year 0 12, The Party find people in need of aid at Song Hive.
Apr 5, Year 0 13, The Tome of Time is augmented at the Panther Temple.
May 10, Year 0 14, The Party concludes their voyage to the continent of Tendaji.
May 12, Year 0 15, The Party discovers Illithid activity where Tendaji's time anomaly should be.
May 13, Year 0 16, 17, The Party escapes centaur captors by following their dethroned princess into a secret passage.
May 14, Year 0 17a, Kal attempts to repair his relationship with Namfoodle.
May 16, Year 0 18, The Party fights to bring Princess Syrila back into power.
May 27, Year 0 19, The Party rests in Yeula'Kai
May 28, Year 0 20, The Party encounters unfamiliar technologies on Kirabo.
May 29, Year 0 21, 22, 23, The Party finds a Tome segment in a futuristic laboratory on Kirabo
May 30, Year 0 24, The Party embarks on a sea route with The Nightingale Bandit
Jun 12, Year 0 25, The Party fights their way through occupied waters.
Jun 14, Year 0 26, The Party visits the Silver City.
Jun 15, Year 0 Emilie is granted life once more.
Jun 18, Year 0 27, The Party fights an Illithid.
Jun 19, Year 0 28, The Party delves into the Octopus Temple in search of another Tome segment.
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