The Nightingale Bandit
Class Bard of unknown level
Race Human
Age 17
Alignment Likely CN
Affiliation Unknown, Enderland
Attitude towards PCs Mixed; Indifferent
Status Alive
Last Known Location Unknown
Session 01
Session 04
Session 05
Session 06
Session 07
Session 08
Session 19

This young man hires sell-swords to carry out his dirty work. The Party was riding a wagon that he ordered to be attacked in Session 01. The sell-swords know little more about him than the party does.




Three years ago, an aspiring monk, Rosemary, and her devil-may-care bard companion, Rory, rescued a cabin-boy from abusive pirates. His name was Brennan. Rory impressed the boy with his music, and was in turn impressed by the boy's whistling. Rory encouraged the boy to keep practicing.

Brennan wanted to accompany the the adventurers, but Rosemary dashed his hopes by declining. The pair left him in what they hoped would be good hands, and then went on their way. The boy felt abandoned.

Over the years, the boy would train, and grow more powerful. But, he had fallen into a bad crowd, and began using his skills for self-gain. All the while, the Brennan's resentment stewed inside him, and he began fixating on the woman who he felt wronged him: Rosemary, known as Brooke to her fellow monks. He tracked her down, and put his apparently considerable skills to use, wreaking havoc on the monk's new found home.


During the attack in Session 01, the Bandit appeared to be at the scene, whistling to command his men and to cast spells. In Session 04, Emilie witnessed him warily accepting payment from his client, Lanaea, in Duskorb Forest. The Party discovered that he was disguised as a member of theatre group in Creston, and he waged a huge battle against the party before escaping. He is trying to secure the Tome of Time for Lanaea.


  • Money? Looking for something?
  • Petty revenge against Rosemary.


The PartyEdit

The Party sees him as a threat; perhaps even their nemesis. They wish to understand his motives and possibly take him down.


The government of Creston is offering 100,000 gold to anyone who can bring the Bandit in, dead or alive.


The Bandit does not seem to trust Lanaea. Their relationship is strictly a business one.


  • According to Brooke, he does not kill, nor does he order people to be killed.


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