Session 26: Resurrection Realized
Real World Date Feb 14th, 2015
Game Date Jun 14 - 18, Year 0
Location Zyne Vul
Enemies none
NPCs the best cleric ever
Session 25: Transit Troubles
Session 27: A Dragonless Dungeon


Emilie comes back to life! The Party leaves the Silver City in search of the Tome segment off of Zyne Vul's northern coast.

Full AccountEdit

The Party explores the Silver City. Everything seems to be made in shades of grey and silver, and the entire settlement appears to glimmer. An 18-foot tall humanoid walks by in the opposite direction, staring at our heroes with bright blue eyes. The giant appears to be very wealthy. Perhaps there is a relationship between this city and the giant camp up the road?

Namfoodle goes to pawn the spellbook he found in Session 02, now that he has studied it completely. However, when he enters a magic shop, he can’t help but notice that out of the hundreds of spellbooks being sold at the store, all of them look remarkably like the Tome of Time. Why is this design culturally significant?

Emilie goes about town pawning valuables and going through a set of trades and runs, and she arranges an appointment with an accomplished cleric to bring her back to life. With help from Isaac and Vic, she is also able to procure all the necessary material components!!! Excited, the party books a room at a hostel and waits for morning so that the Halfling can raise Emilie.

I don't know how to gracefully work this into the narrative, but the cleric takes several minutes to open his front door whenever there comes a knock, during which loud, unexplained crashes can be heard without end. I just think that's cute.

The night passes without event, and Emilie grows incredibly restless as the hours drag on without end. Finally, the party arrives at the eccentric cleric’s house. Emilie gives him the diamonds, and he successfully casts the ten minute True Resurrection spell on her five-months-dead body. With a laborious spasm of cardiac tissue, Emilie rejoins the world of the living at long last!

One unforgettable breakfast and several heartfelt thank-yous later, The Party leaves the Silver City and spends the following days trekking to the next spot on the map. These days are characterized by Emilie's rediscoveries of life's pleasures and problems. She loves eating, but hates having to do it. Breathing is weird, but at least it takes care of itself. Sleep is amazing. Maybe her favorite thing ever. There's no downside.


One morning, she wakes up early and takes a short walk to the river. She tosses in the mirror she used to apply her makeup each day, as well as the makeup case itself. They are no longer part of her, and she is happy to be rid of the poison they represent. But she keeps the wig. It will take more time for her to be okay with her real hair again. The wig is who The Party knows her as. It's who she knows herself as now, like the name Emilie. She almost chucks the journal in too. But she changes her mind. The journal isn't filled with her being dead. It's filled with her coming back to life. Without any intention of writing in it again, she decides to keep it.

As The Party draws near their destination, a crumbling tower looms on the horizon, and outside it stands a cloaked figure. Namfoodle’s scry spell reveals it to be an Illithid who is drawing a map of sorts in the sand. Vic successfully casts "Detect Evil" through Nam's mirror. (The DM and David both rolled an 82.) It reveals that there are two evil auras. The biggest evil aura is Strong, coming from an object the Illithid is holding. Isaac uses the obsidian ring from Session 08 to confirm the creature's alignment. The Illithid quickly realizes that it is being watched (presumably by means of a Detect Scry spell) and scuffs the map into illegibility. After some deliberation about the dangers of facing such a creature head-on, the party attacks their first Illithid!

Before even one hit is landed, a mind wave blasts out and farkles up Kal, Emilie, and Namfoodle. Kal and Emilie scrape by on their will saves, but Namfoodle becomes stunned.

“Wait! Wait! Who are you people?” it gurgles.

Emilie shoves it into the water, dealing bludgeoning damage. “Wait!” it cries. But it’s evil. The obsidian ring proved it. Yet Isaac is second-guessing the party’s actions.

“Is this what you want?” it asks as it gestures to a trinket it clutches. It really does seem to be clueless. The Party calls off their assault and tries to speak with it. It is clearly hiding something, but it seems that there is a decent chance it really is unaware of any other Illithid activity in the area. Maybe it doesn’t know why the heroes are here after all. Vic casts Zone of Truth, to the Illithid’s disgust and discomfort.

The little tentacled turd is dodging questions and being unhelpful very successfully. Maybe next session the adventurers will get some useful information.


  • Some notes are from Namfoodle's player this session, since Emilie's player was at times emotionally compromised.

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Illithid Beach

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