Session 25: Transit Troubles
Real World Date Feb 7th, 2015
Game Date Jun 12 - 14, Year 0
Location Zyne Vul
Enemies Silver-tongued sirens
NPCs The Nightingale Bandit, Humphrey
Session 24: A Close Call
Session 26: Resurrection Realized


The Party kills its siren assailants and reaches Zyne Vul. They part ways with The Nightingale Bandit and their hostage Humphrey and make tracks to the next Tome segment. They stop to rest in The Silver City.

Full AccountEdit

Hey so remember how The Party is being attacked by sirens? You don’t want to hear about that, I’m sure. So here’s a retcon’d interrogation with that Enderland guard that they took hostage from the last session.

Namfoodle reads the hostage’s mind and tells Isaac that he is named Humphrey. While being this secret psychic feed of information to Isaac’s good cop, Namfoodle is simultaneously a reticent bad cop. Unsurprisingly, Humphrey thinks the party is evil. So Isaac tries to convince him to use the ring that makes exaggerated and opposite caricature images of others (from Session 08). But Humphrey is terrified of the ring itself, so Isaac and Namfoodle adopt a simpler approach of “TELL US THINGS OR WE WILL MAKE YOU WEAR THE RING.”

Apparently, the boat was not pursuing The Party or The Nightingale Bandit to begin with. They were just on patrol and happened to pick up their identities with their scrying. And now almost all of them are dead. See, this is the danger of forgoing diplomacy as a first priority.

Anyway, Humphrey agrees to help out on the ship until they disembark.


Back to the sirens! Fighting is had! Highlights include Kal lustfully sinking to the bottom of the ocean while grappling a siren with the aid of Namfoodle’s water-breathing spell. Namfoodle then second-guesses this bizarre decision and goes in after him.


  • 3 gold nuggets
  • A monocle of telescopic vision
  • 7 different colored pearls (1 deep black, 3 normal, 2 pink, 1 light greenish)
  • A masterwork trident beset with jewels.

Afterwards, Vic asks one of the onboard corpses (through his clericy magic) why sirens attack people. Apparently they really love eating human flesh and drinking their blood. Well, that’s as good an answer as any, I guess. Vic tosses him overboard.

Emilie tries in vain to rouse The Nightingale Bandit. That evening, however, the bandit ascends to the crow’s nest during Emilie’s watch. The two chat as the sun comes up, and the bandit says that he didn’t turn the party in because he didn’t believe that he’d be let off the hook, even given his impressive quarry. “Especially after I convinced that young soldier to start a rebellion in the army.”

Emilie picks up on this reference to her old crush, Matthias, but the bandit has no more to reveal. “It’s not good for a bandit’s business when the people are troubled and destitute. Of course I encouraged a rebellion,” he says.

That afternoon, the party docks at an unpopulated stretch of prairie in northern Zyne Vul. Isaac entrusts Humphrey to be delivered home by the bandit, to the poor soul’s horror. The strange bedfellows part ways, and The Party cuts east, straight toward the bay that houses the next Tome segment.

After one night in a magical cottage born of Namfoodle’s magic, the party comes across a cluster of primitive mud huts. On the horizon, heading north, a slight glinting can be seen. Probably the army. Humphrey did mention that troops had been deployed this far from Enderland recently, and no one knew why.


The denizens of this small community prove to be giants. To be safe, and because no inconspicuous shelter is readily apparent, The Party chooses to circumvent the camp. Further along, much more modern architecture can be seen: a full-on castle looms in the distance, offering a bridge over the river that the party must cross at some point. They approach the entrance gate, eager to reach a civilized place to trade their wares. An incredibly tall elf with pale skin awaits at the end. She is coldly opposed to the races of our heroes and will not let them pass. Finally, Namfoodle gets the party inside the walls solely so that they can buy and sell some goods, but ONLY that. The party is split into separate rooms within the “Silver City,” and they are given private questionnaires to determine how threatening they are.

Everyone gets through the screening just fine – except Isaac, who recounts THE ENTIRE CAMPAIGN IN DETAIL while avoiding mention of the Tome of Time. Five embellished hours later, Isaac joins the others in a waiting room, where they have had refreshments and, ultimately, dinner, while waiting for the wise-cracking artificer. Another guard comes in and addresses the party as a whole. “I have one question for you all before you were allowed passage: What is the significance of The Snake in your travels?”

Isaac had compared the group’s circuitous route to a snake, and apparently these people have qualms with worshipers of some sort of snake god. That may come up again. However, not knowing any of this, Vic presents the incredibly moldy snake meat he harvested in Session 09 and asks if this is what the guard is talking about. Emilie apologizes too, saying they didn’t mean to offend, and is the hydra an endangered species? The horribly confused guard staggers backward and decides they’re all innocent. They are granted 24-hour passes into the city, and are finally released on their way.


  • Nothing to report!

Session DocumentsEdit

Siren Battle

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