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Session 22: Kill or be Killed
Real World Date January 17th, 2015
Game Date May 29, Year 0
Location Kirabo
Enemies Lab security
NPCs none
Session 21: Mismatched Morals
Session 23: Ally of Anarchy

As things turn ugly, The Party elects to forget Merek and save themselves instead!


A lot happens all at once in this session for the full extent of the session. Isaac gets taken by the guards to be questioned as Jake, while Namfoodle's spell accidentally spawns a huge bunny storm in the middle of the lab. Emilie makes terrible choices that cause the rest of The Party time and safety. Jake is spared in The Party's escape, but many armed security guards are not. Isaac rejoins the party and leads them out of the facility.

Full Account[]

The three elves who came as backup in response to Jake’s call are surprised to see who they think is Jake (but is really Isaac) on top of his desk. They do not lower their strange metal talisman things as they assess the situation and they ask Jake-Isaac various questions. Emilie is still holding real-Jake behind Jake-Isaac, hoping that the hostage does not choose now to make any decisions of any kind.

Jake-Isaac convinces the guards that he has brought "these visitors" in, and that The Party is completely unrelated to the crisis at hand. Nevertheless, they wish to bring Jake-Isaac to the manager because they still smell something fishy. Kal asks to go to the bathroom to offer a momentary distraction so that Vic may take Isaac’s space on the desk to keep blocking the line of sight to real-Jake. Jake-Isaac leaves with two of the guards out of the far door. Namfoodle tries to message Isaac, but the magic overloads again and the entire room is filled with a flurry of BUNNIES!!!!!!!

Tumblr llb1hqla0A1qz7ymyo1 1280.jpg

The third guard, who is escorting Kal to the other door and toward the restroom, is reasonably confused; especially since he has never witnessed magic ever before. Emilie uses this opportunity to drag real-Jake into the hall and she locks them both in a stall in the women’s restroom. She whispers repeatedly to real-Jake how sorry she is and pledges that she never meant for things to go this way. Unfortunately, Jake doesn’t know Common, so he thinks he is being threatened due to her sword still being pressed against his throat. He is also suffering flashbacks to high school days of toilet swirlies.

Meanwhile, Kal knocks out his escort with a hilt blow to the head with his kukri. No bunnies were harmed in the making of this terrible, directionless plan that our heroes are figuring out as they go. “Now why didn’t Emilie do THAT?” Namfoodle exclaims. So the situations is as follows: Kal hears Elven sobbing behind the door Isaac was taken through, no one knows where Emilie went, there's an unconscious man on the ground bleeding from the head, and bunnies are everywhere. It’s unclear how this could possibly get any hairier. Namfoodle is the only other player character who knows Elven, so Kal beckons him to come to the door. Nam starts translating for Kal and Vic, and their whispered conversation is masked by the flurry of bun.

Turns out Jake-Isaac is still in character, and the crying is a ruse. Which is comforting because none of the heroes have seen Isaac cry before so that would have meant they were in a REALLY big trouble.

Meanwhile, Emilie is hiding in the bathroom stall with real-Jake and kind of just hoping something happens. She can’t call for help in case guards are around. She can’t peek into the hall in case guards are around. She can’t leave real-Jake alone because he will start screaming and there’s also no way to lock him in the restroom. If only she had another option available - one that involved maybe knocking Jake out. But since she doesn't, she just kind of waits. And listens. And hopes.

Luckily, Kal and Namfoodle are the first ones to find her. With two of the guards still busy with Isaac, and the third knocked out, it is safe for Emilie to return to the bunny laboratory. Much more arguing ensues along the same vein as in the previous session, but Namfoodle and Emilie agree to drop the subject for now since what’s done is done and now is not a good time to discuss future strategies. Isaac is brought back into the bunny room and the two guards questioning him ask for their partner to return to them, but a wall of bun pushes them out of the room, so they lock the door instead and leave to get management to come to deal with the party. Our heroes are definitely prime suspects, if not the only suspects, and they are probably going to be killed if they stick around.

To Isaac’s disappointment, Emilie and Nam agree that they have made enough of an altruistic attempt at Merek’s rescue, and whatever danger Merek is in right now, they are probably in worse. The two convince The Party to abandon the presumed rescue mission and instead save their own skins.

Isaac tells the others that he has learned “Code X” is not just a measure for illegal personnel. It is specifically for monster infiltration incidents. So “management” is not likely to show mercy when they arrive. This only motivates Namfoodle and Emilie more. Isaac speaks to Jake in Elven, trying to find a way to leave the laboratory without encountering anyone. Emilie frees her hostage at last as Isaac draws directions out of the sad man. He ties Jake to a chair and takes the gun and walkie-talkie. “I’ll miss you,” Isaac says to the emotionally beaten man whose reputation has been destroyed by his captor who is also his evil twin. He puts an ancient Elven tome from the Creston monastery into Jake’s desk drawer. Those little devils are making good gifts!

The Party leaves the bunny laboratory at last, trustingly following Isaac’s lead. (Didn't this exact course of action go rather poorly for Isaac's previous adventuring groups?) Through a maintenance door and down a long corridor, the party sees a sweet, sweet exit waiting for them. Code X is still blaring over the speakers, and our heroes are alone once more. Emilie leaves the laboratory first, and immediately finds a red spot fall on her body. She tries to brush it away, but it dances over her hand and back onto its target. Concluding that the sticky invader is some kind of light, and suspecting it isn’t friendly since she hasn’t seen it in the lab before, she tries to keep it on her shield as she runs. An elf with a huge long metal stick pointed at Emilie emerges and starts yelling at her in a language she doesn’t understand. Isaac hears “force authorized” over the walkie-talkie he stole. Emilie continues running, sword drawn.


The elf’s weapon explodes, and Emilie begins bleeding sluggishly from many puncture wounds that materialize along her torso. Shocked, but still running, she bashes the hilt of her sword against the elf’s unarmored head. He is rocked, but still dangerous. Namfoodle produces illusory copies of himself to create confusion, and all 8 of him start screaming at Emilie for using non-lethal attacks in this fight. Meanwhile, Kal literally launches himself at a hidden sniper by smashing the earth he stands on INTO THE AIR and let me tell you, if the original collision didn’t kill the sucker, the fall off of his perch sure did.

Nam casts a fireball spell, but another magical overcharge nearly puts him to sleep and also sets part of the outdoor garden on fire. Vic brings a valiant celestial bison to the field in an extraneous burst of party streamers.

Between Namfoodle’s unceasing goading and the increasing carnage on the field from both sides, Emilie lets loose at last and goes into full warrior mode, unleashing the furthest extent of her arsenal against the guards! She misses.

As Isaac uses magic to switch spots with Namuffin (who was resurrected at some point during the last two sessions I guess), the spell also sets fire to the ground around both parties. The fire also detonates a small round object that one of the guards threw at Isaac. Fortunately it proves to be a flash grenade, rather than an incendiary one. I mean, what? Wow! Light stones! What a discovery!

The guards continue their onslaught somewhat shakily. Many of their shots miss wildly as they become more and more overwhelmed by the impossible phenomena erupting all around them every second. Vic’s bison skewers Emilie’s assailer on its horns and tosses him into the air, spilling blood and organs everywhere right in front of Emilie. Oh my.

Tumblr m6yp1e5Siq1rskgz7.gif

A not-so-flash grenade explodes, injuring Vic and Namfoodle, and disrupting many of the gnomish copies. Yet another flux of magic accidentally turns one of the guards into Isaac's mind slave, so Isaac instructs his new minion to open the outer gate so that the party can escape.




  • Namfoodle's player couldn't make it! Kudos to the DM for keeping him active AND true to character!

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