Session 21: Mismatched Morals
Real World Date January 10th, 2015
Game Date May 29, Year 0
Location Kirabo
Enemies Lab security
NPCs none
Session 20: The Impossible Institution
Session 22: Kill or be Killed

Emilie puts everyone in danger in order to stick to her guns.


While trying to find and rescue Merek, the party comes across a lone scientist who says the entire institution is under quarantine due to unauthorized personnel. When he starts to suspect The Party, they have no choice but to incapacitate him. Armed elves come to his rescue, and Emilie takes matters into her own hands and tries to take the hostage out of the room, rather than knocking him out.

Full AccountEdit

We last saw our heroes trying to escape the creepy, suddenly empty laboratory after breaking into a display case to augment the Tome of Time. This is still what is happening. The Party elects to try to rescue Merek before evacuating. Namfoodle hears over a distant PA that there has been a call for all personnel to lock themselves in their chambers. This explains the desertion.

The heroes look into several rooms in the adjacent corridors, but can’t find any signs of life, save for one lone scientist in a larger lab. Isaac is able to charm this worker into revealing that the lab is under “Code X,” which means that there are dangerous personnel within the facility. But he soon grows suspicious of the party and their reluctance to show ID, and he calls security to report the party as the intruders. Emilie and Namfoodle try to find an escape route while Isaac attempts to distract the scientist. Isaac is making no progress, so he assaults the man, who in turn pulls the trigger on the hidden handgun he has been holding. The bullet grazes Isaac’s ear, but the artificer is more shocked by the sound that the strange metal object emitted.

The others spring to the rescue, as more lab workers try to open the door at the far side of the room, calling for "Jake." The scientist has been incapacitated by the time his backup gets the door open. But they are smart. They are not exposing themselves when they open the door. Isaac tries to disguise himself as the hostage, but using magic while the suppression field is decaying causes a chaotic reaction, and suddenly the room appears to be upside-down.

Emilie has promised the imprisoned Jake that he won’t be hurt as long as he doesn’t try to hurt the party. Namfoodle, Vic, and Isaac, however, point out that if Isaac is Jake, then Jake can’t be Jake, so he should be knocked out and hidden. Since the party only has violent means to achieve this at their disposal, Emilie takes a protective stance over their hostage. She doesn’t approve of the idea of bludgeoning an innocent person until their brain shuts down, especially after having promised him he wouldn't be harmed. This creates massive tension between her and Namfoodle, the latter of whom argues that letting the elf stay conscious will allow him to scream out for help even though Emilie has her sword against his neck. Emilie tries to at least move Jake out of the room, but while she is dragging him, three elves enter the room, all armed with metallic objects like Jake’s. By a ridiculous stroke of luck, Jake happens to be directly behind Isaac when this occurs, and so he is momentarily out of the guards’ sight.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT?????? Tune in next time to find out!


  • Kal's player was absent this time!

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