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Session 17a: The Complainers Compromise
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Real World Date November 29th, 2014
Game Date May 14, Year 0
Location The Party's camp
Enemies none
NPCs none
Session 17: Hosted by a Hermitic Hag
Session 18: Rightfully Restoring Royalty

Kal apologizes for his treatment of Namfoodle for the sake of the party's continuation.


That's it, basically. Also, both men allude to interpersonal hardships they were generously subjected to while growing up.

Full Transcript[]

The Party is camping for the night. Namfoodle is packing his backpack and going over his inventory. Kal is sitting on a log, looking like he's thinking really hard straining his dwarf brain. Kal then gets up and walks slowly toward Namfoodle, kinda awkwardly.

"Uh, hi," he says.

..."Hello. What do you want?"

“Um… er…” the dwarf sighs. "Look, I’m sorry. For earlier. Alright?"

"Yeah, I heard."

"You heard?"

Nam looks at Kal. "You said sorry in the cave. I heard."

"Oh.” Kal pauses. “But I mean, like really."


The larger of the tiny men struggles with himself. "I have not treated you with the proper amount of respect, but in my defense you were being a whiny little—” He stops himself. "I didn't mean that. You are an important part of this group, and for that sake, I would like to get along. Better."

Namfoodle grunts. "Wouldn't it be easier if I just left?"

"Easier for who?"

"You. Me, probably."

"The others have liked you fine this whole time as far as I know,” Kal frowns. “And, as much as I hate to admit it, we do need you." Awkward silence. “Where would you go, anyway?”

Nam scoffs. "Bah. You folks wouldn't be that bad off. Besides. I've always hated Isaac. You clearly have a distaste for me, which I guess I reciprocate. Vic is a sweet kid but he's a hopeless ninny. And the only one of you I've grown to tolerate almost killed me last night."

Kal starts laughing a little at the part about the Emilie part, then restrains himself. "That was an accident."

Namfoodle sighs. "I guess I could tolerate staying a little longer."

"Um, we need someone with your...intelligence in the group," Kal shuffles.

"That's for sure.” A pause. "I'd just like to know something though… Why do you hate me so much, anyway?”

"Oh dear." Kal struggles to get this out. “Ugh, I, er, let’s just say you remind me of someone I once knew who things went awfully, um, wrong with, and just leave it at that. Plus, your back of the line, sissy tactics in battle irk the hell out of me.”

Namfoodle gives Kal a look.

"BUT, I have come to respect it. I guess. I mean, really. Sorry."

"Yeah?” Nam stands. “Well you remind me of every neanderthal bully I grew up with as a kid, but that doesn't mean I celebrate every time you almost die in battle."

“That was funny!” Kal realizes this is not the best argument he can make in this moment. “I mean, it was clearly an accident. I mean… I was laughing more at Emilie than you.”

Namfoodle looks skeptically up at Kal. "You know I can read your mind, right?"

Kal gives Namfoodle a glare. "Yes," he states strongly and in a 'you best not do that, boy' type of way. “That just makes you harder to trust (you sneaky little…)”

"Yeah, well I don't." Namfoodle grumbles a little. "I don't read the minds of my companions unless I feel I have to. You should trust me on that much at least." (Isaac’s player, mocking Nam: “I mean, I use it pretty casually on everyone we meet, but you should trust me. Or else.”)

"Should I?!"

"Yeah, you should." Namfoodle turns back to his packing.

Kal calms himself. "Alright, alright, I believe you.”

“By the way, you should probably apologize to Isaac for being so pissy back in the cave. Man has enough self-loathing as it is without his #1 fan turning on him like that."

"I never turned on him! YOU should apologize to EVERYONE for being so pissy in the cave! You could've gotten yourself and everyone else killed because of your little—”

"Whatever. It's just a suggestion."

Kal stops himself from getting angry. “Yeah well, I'll think about it."

"You know. From a mind reader and all that."

Kal mumbles to himself, "Argh, so many touchy feelings in this group."

"You didn't have to talk to me.” Namfoodle says. “You could have just let me leave."

"Uh, but I did talk to you. Because I don't want you to leave!” Kal sighs in frustration. “Can we just put the past behind us and start fresh?"

"Sounds to me like you're the one with the touchy feelings."

Kal ignores that and keeps talking. "I will restrain, to the best of my ability, from insulting or demeaning you. And we could just go on with the party. Happy and carefree. Alright? Alright.”

"I'm never happy."

"Yeah well we all have had problems, kid,” Kal says. “‘Happy enough.’ To get by."


"So, are we alright?"

Nam considers. "We're alright. I promise I won’t read your mind or shoot you in the back with a fireball from my rear tactics vantage point. Although…” The gnome leafs through his spellbook. “We’ll see how long that lasts.”

Kal chooses to ignore the last part and take that as good enough. "Alright, good. Sorry for how I acted, again. Do you need any help?"


"You know, inventorying, or whatever."

"Oh... no. Not anymore." Nam returns to his bag. "I was just packing to leave. I guess I’m not anymore."

"Oh, alright. Cool. Thanks."

"Thank you, though." Namfoodle gives Kal a half-smile. “So far you’re my only bully to apologize. If I can ever figure out what I did to offend you so, I might return the favor."

“Oh. Yeah. Er, don't mention it. And don't worry about it, it's mostly a ‘me’ problem. You people are nothing like the hard, stoic dwarves I grew up with. But… glad we are alright."

"Yeah." The gnome relaxes.

"I'm gonna get some shut eye I think."

"Alright. Me too."

(DM: Though, there was no touchy. Just the feely.)

Kal gives Nam a friendly pat on the shoulder before walking away.

Nearby in the camp, Isaac has woken up and Emilie doesn’t sleep, so both have been witness to this discussion. They are both satisfied and give totally not creepy smiles to themselves.


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