Session 15: Preempted by Pillagers
Real World Date November 8th, 2014
Game Date May 12 - 13, Year 0
Location Tendaji's Gulf
Enemies The defiled corpses of Lily and a dragon
NPCs Princess Syrila, Stone
Session 14: Employed by the Equine
Session 16: Subterranean Semi-Secession

The Party fights for their lives and is then charged with having caused the need to fight for their lives. Super.


After overpowering the reanimated corpses of Lily and the guardian of this island, The Party concludes that what they are looking for is no longer here. They return to the centaur palace, only to find themselves arrested as the only known outsiders to have visited that island since Lily's disappearance, along with Princess Syrila herself for having hired the adventurers. However, all is not lost. The princess wastes no time in proving that one should never attempt to trap someone in their own house.

Full AccountEdit

Emilie rolls a 23 to hit the dragon… and her sword bounces off. That’s a terrible sign. Isaac starts looking for an exit. He sprays fire into the dragon’s open maw and damages it for 12. Apparently it has high natural armor but no spell resistance! Kal attacks the dragon with his kukri, and meets the same challenge as Emilie. Vic tries to turn the dragon, but it is too powerful! Namfoodle climbs the spilled piles of books, hoping to topple them on whichever foe approaches him first. The dragon skirts around the party, and breathes dust on them. “I’m starting to feel much better about this,” Nam remarks.

Zombie dragon by sandara-d4kf3bn

The battle becomes a little less perilous for the heroes when they realize that the dragon can only attack with clumsy body slams (crude, but effective if they hit), and Lily’s corpse just slowly shambles toward Namfoodle. This gives Emilie a chance to massively overkill the centaur girl’s body with a splurting, oozing decapitation. Namfoodle is now messy.

The dragon surprises all by spinning in a circle and smashing its tail into the entire party, except Emilie, who just happened to be out of range due to having just killed the deer girl. Isaac is knocked unconscious. Coupled with the explosive runes that awoke this mess, it’s just too much for the lightly-armored artificer to handle!

Namfoodle casts haste on the standing party members in hopes of expediting the fall of the dragon and the rise of the Isaac. Vic helps Isaac back to health! The dragon’s shred of sentience becomes wounded upon seeing its victory undone, and turns on these two. Namfoodle casts a scorching ray in the direction of “Hey, Ugly!” the dragon. Isaac uses this distraction to explode the abdomen of the dragon, leaving the limbs and heads gruesomely intact. Good thing Vic brought him back!

“That’s it!” Namfoodle says. “From now on, I’m detecting magic on every single corpse we come across!”

Isaac finds the strips of engraved leather that the dragon’s corpse had been holding strangely familiar. He pulls out the Tome of Time to compare. As soon as the tome leaves Isaac’s bag, he hears in Draconic: “The only way you can get your tentacles on any of my books is over my corpse, you filthy worms.”

A squishing, bubbling sound fills the room. The entire party can hear this. A voice echoes in their heads: “As you wish.” Lightning crackles and the memories fade.

Clearly, that was an echo of the dragon’s final moments. Interesting that Lily didn’t seem to be a part of this.

There’s nothing else of interest in the temple. No apparent time anomalies of any kind either. Whoever killed the dragon likely now possesses its segment of the tome of time.

This was a horrible waste of time for everyone involved. No one is looking forward to reporting Lily’s death to Princess Syrila.

The party leaves the temple and returns to their rowboat. They climb down their rope, and Namuffin unties it, so no one has to free-climb. They reach the shore in the evening and trek back to the city in the south. Citizens stare at the party, wondering why they do not wear slave collars. Whatever, you fascists.

The party locates the princess, who demands where Lily is. They hesitantly reveal how Lily met her end. Princess Syrila is angry that the party did not retrieve the body, and criticizes their inability to follow simple directions. Apparently the assumption that a dear friend of hers in such a defaced state would not be a welcome gift, was wrong. Gambled and lost, on that one. The group recounts the events, mentioning the death and undeath of both Lily and the metallic dragon. Stone, listening in, freaks out when the party describes how the two undead's brains were removed.

He accuses the princess of having conspired with “lower breeds” to bring the fearful attention of whoever removed the brains. The princess and the party are put into neighboring cells; the princess in her own. She immediately searches for a hollow spot in the wall and begins kicking it in. When guards check on the noise, she bluffs by kicking on the bars and demanding food. The guards tell her to quiet down and leave. She continues breaking down the wall. Namfoodle follows in kind and tries to pick the lock on the party’s cell. The pick breaks. Isaac tries and succeeds, but he uses magic to cheat. A spiked plate smashes into Isaac’s face. The princess smirks, and kicks her cell door open (not a very good centaur jail!). The party locates their gear in a nearby chest and joins Syrila in her cell. She half-heartedly allows the party to join her. She clears the way into a secret passage behind the cell’s wall and disappears into magical darkness. The party follows her, and feels their way into a pitch-black tunnel.

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