Session 01: A Carriage Catastrophe
Real World Date May 3rd, 2014
Game Date March 15, Year 0
Location Creston
Enemies The Nightingale Bandit
NPCs Sebastian Glordon Highcastle the Fifth
Session 02: A Monastery's Mysteries


The grand debut of the campaign. The Party, still strangers, is attacked by a group of bandits while riding a wagon to the capital city of Glavdell.

Full AccountEdit

Session01 Encounter Map

The site of the party's first battle.

Six adventurers were on a carriage ride to the capital city with a few other passengers on their trip. A few miles before the Creston stop, they were attacked by a group of bandits led by an experienced, whistling bard with powerful illusions and weather manipulation. Two of the bandits were killed, a dwarf was captured and tied up by Kal, and the rest ran away, not expecting to encounter resistance on their raid mission. Two pages of encrypted notes were collected from the bandit corpses. After walking the rest of the way to Creston, the travelers are greeted by a guard and a monk (monks are the principal law enforcement in Creston). They are told that it will take a week to fix the cart and restock for the continuation of the journey, and are offered free lodgings in the town's tavern/inn. The rest of the cart's occupants (other than Sebastian) are residents of Creston and quickly scatter.

Session DocumentsEdit

Encounter Map

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