Aetraterra: The Gods' Ultimatum Wiki
Sebastian Glordon Highcastle the Fifth
Class N/A
Race Human
Age Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Affiliation Lakeview, The Party
Attitude towards PCs Friendly
Status Alive
Last Known Location Creston
Session 01
Session 02
Session 04

Well-dressed and eloquent, constantly chipper, this man (Sebastian Glordon Highcastle the Fifth, as he is fond of repeatedly stating in his introductions) is an incessant blabber, and currently an unwanted member of the party's company.


He doesn't really stop smiling, or at least being interactive and talkative. He's creeped more than a few people out in the party's time with him.



A few years ago, the wife of Sebastian's brother, Jebediah, went missing. Sebastian presumably grieved with him, unless he is a big jerk. Upon hearing of the reputation of established diviner, Namfoodle Scheppen, he recruited the gnome to find his missing sister-in-law. This may have been to collect on the reward money. Namfoodle reluctantly agreed to help.


During the carriage ride to Glavdell, Enderland's capital, Sebastian made a general annoyance of himself. Namfoodle's mere association with Sebastian was enough for Emilie to try and avoid the former.

As far as the party knows, Sebastian has lazed about in the Creston hotel during the entirety of their trip around town and subsequent dungeon exploration.


  • Find his brother's wife (For money? For family's sake?)
  • To make sure everyone in the world knows his stories?


The Party[]

He is not well-liked.


  • Unknown


"This reminds me of the time when..."