Aetraterra: The Gods' Ultimatum Wiki

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In the world of Aetraterra, deities exist, and hold power over their respective domains.

Notable Mentions[]


An undetermined time ago, the Gods supposedly decreed that Time Magic and anything related to it be destroyed in its entirety. This decree, the Gods' Ultimatum, was signed into effect by The Voice of the Gods. Their motivation for doing so, if they truly were behind the decree at all, is still unknown.


During Session 05, Emilie Barrowman had an encounter with an old lady who claimed that the Gods were angry, and that she was affiliated with a group called "The Ones." It is unknown how crazy she was.

The phrase "oh my gods" is part of the vernacular in many parts of Aetraterra, mostly used by adolescents.

Known Deities[]


Vic's god, chosen for him by his adoptive parents in an attempt to civilize him. Vic worships him for the powers he provides, not out of any true belief.