Namfoodle Scheppen
Gnome D&D
Class Rouge 1, Wizard 4, Unseen Seer 1
Race Gnome
Age 48
Alignment Neutral Good
Status Malaised
Character Sheet [1]

Namfoodle Scheppen is a PC, played by Michael Feuerman, in the campaign Aetraterra: The Gods' Ultimatum. He is a gnomish Diviner/Rogue, working his way towards the Unseen Seer prestige class. While he may behave in a generally crass manner, his intentions are good and he will usually put others ahead of himself.


Namfoodle Scheppen is gruff, impersonal, but good at heart, and usually looks out for the best interests of others rather than himself. He also has a very practical mindset, although has a degree of appreciation for theatrics.

In spite his lower wisdom score, Namfoodle does understand the meaning of true suffering. The passing of his family hit him hard, and he spent half a year grieving for their loss, a fact which contributes greatly to his reclusiveness and antisocial behavior. He is smart enough not to entirely close himself off from the rest of the world. In truth, he likes people too much to do that. However, the experience has soured him on the idea of ever falling in love or raising a family on his own. He will never truly escape his loss.

He holds a certain disregard for others of his kind. Gnomes have a tendency towards trickery and fun, traits which Nam never had an inclination or desire to pursue. As such, he never got along well with other gnomes, and kept mostly to himself. He had a greater fondness for creatures of other races, even preferring the company of Half-Orcs to his own kind. Nonetheless, Garl Glittergold, is still his patron diety, and he couldn't quite bring himself to drop Illusion to study Divination, opting instead to lose Enchantment. He understands his own heritage and has accepted it, even if he may never be entirely comfortable with it. This becomes a major factor when he begins robbing from the gnomes of Fespin Village. Eventually he gives up, not because he was afraid of getting caught, but because the guilt became too much to bear. He still hopes to one day pay off everything he stole.

He does garner a certain thrill from his own intelligence and daring. He never felt more alive than when he was plotting elaborate hiests. Even without the danger, Namfoodle does find joy in his arcane studies as a Wizard. He has a very studious personality, and loves discovering new spells. His spellbook is his most prized possession.

Namfoodle's desire to become an Unseen Seer is a reflection of his personality. He dislikes the illusions of the gnomes, and seeks instead the reality of the world. He desires not to be found, and is motivated by fear and curiosity rather than fame and fortune. He is interested in Divination, but also Necromancy, although he holds only the highest respect for the dead. He hopes to someday contact his family on the Ethereal Plane. He believes that both the gnomes and Garl have failed him in his time of need, making him extremely bitter. However, that bitterness has only driven him to not fail them, the way they failed him.



Namfoodle Scheppen was born to a middle rank gnomish family. Unlike many gnome families, his was small and private. Namfoodle was the youngest of two children, and had an older sister named Vittle. His family life was ordinary, until one day his father was killed by bandits on a road. The same year, his older sister was stricken by a disease which would end her life six months later. His mother died of old age a year later, leaving him the sole proprieter of his estate at the young age of 38.

Initially, Namfoodle coasted, relying on his father's savings to support himself. He ventured out of the house rarely, only to seek food and supplies (although these outings were mitigated by the small garden he kept in the backyard). However, it became clear after a while that this lfiestyle was unsustainable.

Namfoodle eventually turned to theivery. It began with the simple taking of items from stalls in the market when no one was looking. After a while, he was planning elaborate heists on secured vaults from the upper class gnomes in his community. He only did three major robberies, all on his own. After the third, Namfoodle decided the lifestyle was not for him, and turned instead to the arcane arts. He left the town and moved to Lakeview. He was never caught.

As a wizard, Namfoodle had an eye for practical spells. He studied what he thought would be marketable, and found a surprising aptitude for it. He decided to focus his energies on studying Divination, knowing how useful and rare a good Diviner could be, forgoing Enchantment altogether. He did a few odd jobs around Lakeview, establishing a decent name for himself. After a few years like this, at the age of 48, he was contacted by Sebastian Glordon Highcastle the Fifth. His brother, Jebediah, was well known as one of the wealthier patrons of Lakeview. Jebediah's wife had gone missing a few years ago, and there was still no trace. The reward for any information regarding her whereabouts was quite substantial at this point. Knowing Namfoodle to be a Diviner, Sebastian sought to recruit him to aid in the search. Namfoodle reluctantly agreed.

These are the events which led to him being on the cart with the rest of The Party, when it was ambushed by the Nightingale Bandit.


Namfoodle initially tried to take charge of the situation by surrendering and cooperating with the bandits. However, once he realized he was traveling with capable fighters, he decided to join the fray and aid them as best he could. After the bandits were fought off, Nam took the notes they were carrying and attempted (unsuccessfully) to analyze their meaning.

The next day, he continued on his primary mission of locating Rosemary, leaving Sebastian to laze about in the hotel room. Now accompanied by the rest of the party, he made his way to the monastery, where he met Adreyan. The monk initially proved reluctant to help, unwilling to sell out a member of their order, but a mystery regarding the death of their head bookeeper forced him to concede. If Namfoodle helped him find out who murdered the scholar, Adreyan would provide whatever information he could.

In the mysterious underground ruins of the monastery, Namfoodle once again proved himself useful scouting rooms and uncovering traps. However, faced with the undead, he found his weapons to be largely useless, and his magical reptiore left him only limited options. After being bit by a ghoul he contracted a malaise, which made him anxious to escape. Once it was uncovered there was some form of Time magic afoot, Namfoodle's curiosity overcame his fear, and he set out to investigate, just as the last vestiges of magic faded. Once he returned to the monastery above ground, he was taken in by the monks. Adreyan gave him the information he could, identifying a picture of Rosemary as a monk in his order named Brooke.  


Namfoodle Scheppen has a few goals, that vary from distant fancies to practical considerations.

Firstly, Namfoodle would like to train as an Unseen Seer. He has a few reasons for doing so. First, he wants ot be helpful to others, and believes that an Unseen Seer provides rare and valuable services. He also hopes that he might be able to one day contact his family on the Ethereal Plane, through the study of magic.

Second, Nam would like to pay back those he stole from, once he has raised sufficient funds. Capturing Rosemary and returning her to Jebediah would provide the necessary coin to pay his debts and keep him sustained for a little while after.

Third, and most recently, he would like to uncover the mysteries of Time Magic. He knows the study is taboo, for good reason, but he would like to be able to learn as much as he can anyway. If nothing else, so he might be able to prevent a potentially universal threat.


Working with others has been a challenge for Namfoodle, but one he has risen to admirably, all things considered. Some people he gets along with, others not. But this will likely be rectified over time. His time in the dungeon with the party has imbued him with a genuine respect for all the PCs. In some ways, he feels inadequate, and hopes he can continue to somehow contribute positively to their adventures. 

The discovery of Time magic has had a profound impact on Namfoodle, although he may not realize it yet. The prospect of an ancient, undiscovered school of magic excites him as a challenge to his intelligence. There is the faint possibility that he might get to see his family again, not as spirits, but alive. Just to say goodbye. It is the first time his curiosity has truly outweighed his fear; a sensation he wishes to experience much more often.

He recently discovered that he really, really does not want to be an actor.

Character Relationships (thus far)Edit

Emilie BarrowmanEdit

Unfortunately, rather strained at the moment. Namfoodle holds a mixture of fear and disdain for her, namely from her grabbing him by the ankles and taking some scribbled notes by force. She also lied to him about their contacts, which led to a rather awkward confrontation in front of Adrian Monk. Still, he can't help but respect her prowess in battle, and acknowledges that he would rather be fighting with her than some shmuck.

Emilie has continued earning Namfoodle's respect in battle. Her hot-headedness seems somewhat tempered now. Namfoodle doesn't trust her entirely. She's still young, and hasn't shown any great strides in responsibility. He would rather trust his judgement than rely on her. But he has fewer and fewer qualms travelling with her every day.

Isaac CoaleEdit

Interesting. Namfoodle sort of likes and respects Isaac, but with that comes a tint of jealousy. Even so, he makes for an excellent research partner. Also, all of his charm and grace seem a bit unecessary. But he seems nice enough, if a bit cocky.

Regrettably, Namfoodle now actively distrusts Isaac. Isaac's wit reminds him of his days growing up with the other Gnomes, who also often displayed such charisma. Experience has taught Namfoodle that the popular view isn't always the correct one, and has made him bitter towards those who rely on witticisms rather than listening to sound arguments. He also finds Isaac's desire for wealth distasteful. Namfoodle stole because he needed to survive (and because he wanted to make the Gnomes look like fools, although he'd never acknowledge this), and he is seeking reparations. Isaac appears to only be motivated by greed and fame.

Kal GrobnarEdit

Strange dwarf man with unusual habits. Better than a gnome. Also scary. Also, what's with the cat?

Dislikes Kal somewhat for frequently siding with Isaac.


If there's one person Namfoodle genuinely likes, it's Tahlarien. She's proven herself in battle above anyone else, and shown excellent judge in character (calling Emilie "gruff").


Namfoodle has had very little experience with Divine magic (there are almost no clerics of Garl Glittergold). But Pelor is a respectable god and Vic seems like a respectable dude.


Sebastian Glordon Highcastle the FifthEdit

He's a shiftless cheapskate, trying to capitalize off his brother's misfortune. But he's decent company, and his endless prattling does mean Nam doesn't have to talk at all. With concentration, Nam can ususally focus on his studies. Usually.


Nice enough. A bit stubborn at first, but he's just doing his job.


  • Discovered the secret latch in the Heron sigil in the basement of the monk Monestary.
  • Tolerated Sebastian's yammering for almost a day.
  • Was not panicked by a ghost's wail.
  • Stopped a horrible windstorm created by the Nightingale Bandit using a Magic Missile.
  • Spends time studying other spellbooks and learning new spells.
  • Made friends with swim instructor. (This is a big deal for Nam.)
  • Delivered message to centaur second in command.


"We surrender!"

"See, if you put the pages together like this, it looks like a demon of some kind. Maybe a dinosaur..."

"That's the funny thing about Time Magic; when it happens a long time ago, it also happens right now."

Nam: Time Magic. That's bad.

Emilie: How is that worse than an Illusion or Necromancy?

Nam: If it was an Illusion, we could ignore it. If it was Necormancy, we could throw a Cleric at it. If it's Time Magic, then the very fabric of the Universe could be unraveling.

Emilie: I was going to say it could be worse than this, but no, it really couldn't, huh? 

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