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Maenads are a race of tall humanoids. The first one The Party encounters is Lanaea.

General Information[]

In-Game Knowledge[]

To outsiders, they appear to be extremely reserved, yet they are rumored to be exceptionally emotional. Both sides are actually true. As a race, maenads must maintain control over their internal emotional turmoil, except when they unleash these bottled-up emotions in powerful displays. Born with raging emotions that threaten to tear their psyche apart unless properly controlled, maenads do not know why they have these powerful emotions warring within them. Their legends speak of being wronged by an ancient deity that the maenads revolted against and overthrew, resulting in the emotional curse they maintain to date. Maenads have a proclivity to martial studies, as it gives an outlet for their bottled emotions. They are naturally psionic.

Source Material[]

Other Facts[]

In real life, the Greek god of wine, ecstasy, madness, and art - Dionysus - was worshiped by women called Maenads. They were relatively normal most of the time, but would ritualistically enter states of frenzied madness, during which they are rumored to have torn people and livestock to pieces with their bare hands and eaten them. Perhaps Dionysus himself is the god referenced in the above section.