This is a list of all NPCs in the campaign. A "+" indicates we have interacted with them.


These are everyday NPCs. They include bartenders, merchants, and low ranking guards.

  • Cleff +
    • A half-orc bartender in Creston. Gruff but soft-hearted.
  • Nox +
    • A racist librarian in Creston. Friendly until crossed.
  • Rex +
    • Friendly and flirtatious half-orc shop owner in Creston. Specializes in selling adventuring, hunting, and fishing gear
  • Chet +
    • A half-drow child whose father was one of the Creston townsfolk who disappeared. Now helps his mother run the armour and weapons shop in Creston
  • Augold +
    • Creston theatre troupe: Slightly balding, slender human singer. Specializes in vocal performance
  • Michelle +
    • Creston theatre troupe: Energetic, bouncy half-elf girl who does all the lighting, design, and special effects
  • Katel +
    • Creston theatre troupe: Dwarf who is in charge of the choreography (and most of the actual dancing)
  • Sylvia +
  • Gavin +
    • Creston theatre troupe: Talented young human adult who writes the songs, plays the instruments, and performs alongside Augold
  • Gran +
    • A lycanthropic healer in Den
  • Merek +
    • An elf who lives on Kirabo in the distant future with his wife and their son, Lief. His family is the first known population from another time with whom the party has been able to interact. Merek is a kind, passionate fellow who is elated to have found living humans and magic users in a time when both are thought to be extinct.


These are NPCs who are not necessarily adventurers, but would have levels in a player class, or otherwise capable of actively assisting us. These include field experts and high ranking guards.

  • Adreyan +
    • Assistant Head Bookkeeper (recently promoted to Head Bookkeeper) in the Creston monastery
  • Rosemary Highcastle +
    • Alias: Brooke 
  • Xelton +
    • Head of the Creston Guard 
  • Stone +
    • High-ranking centaur guard 
  • Swifthoof Direbeam +
    • Stone's second-in-command and Princess Syrila's uncle. 
  • Lizzie +
    • A half-crazed prisoner of the centaurs in Tendaji who has made a home for herself in secret underground passages beneath the jail. She lives with the corpse of her husband, Harold. 
  • Matthias +
    • A young soldier in the Royal Guard. He and Emilie have a past that she has not expounded on. She fled the scene the one time the party encountered him. 


These are the wealthy, influential, and powerful NPCs. They are usually either quest givers or far too important for us.


These NPCs oppose the party's goals and interests. They can range from enemies actively seeking our heroes' blood, to characters whose goals simply conflict with the party's mission.

  • The Nightingale Bandit +
  • Lanaea +
    • A Maenad woman who is interested in harnessing Time Magic. She is romantically involved with Atamant and hired the Nightingale Bandit. The full extent of her intentions are unknown, but she seems to be the greatest evil that the party has encountered.
  • Atamant +
    • An elf with a metal shard surgically attached to his ear. Also a high-ranking official of Enderland military. Not a good combination! He has the entire army searching for The Party, which is part of the reason they were driven out of the country in Chapter One (Sessions 01 - 10a)
  • Lady, Face, and Lizzy +
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