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Kal Grobnar
Kal Grobnar.png
Class Warblade 6
Race Dwarf
Age 22
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status Alive
Character Sheet [1]

Kal Grobnar is Lillian's player character in the Aetraterra campaign. Kal is strong in battle and not one to ever shy away from a good fight. However, he prefers to not take the leadership role as that has caused him great loss and heartache in his past. Kal is loyal to his fellow companions, but is hesitant to share too much about himself as he knows what it like to have had information used against him. Kal prefers to maintain a rough and tough exterior rather than to show any vulnerability.


Being a dwarf, Kal has a stern and serious demeanor in battle. However, Kal is a unique dwarf in that he also has great respect for animals and their skills for survival. This observation and respect has affected his fighting style, allowing him to utilize this knowledge to perform vicious, animalistic attacks in battle.

Kal is wary of others due to his own poor judgment of characters in his past, but maintains an underlying desire to trust those in his party. This inability to fully trust others has caused him to hide a great deal of past hurt in a futile attempt to put it behind him.

Kal is not opposed to having a good time off of the battle field. He greatly enjoys devouring great portions of food and mead in his spare time, and is quite partial to tap dancing.



Kal has not revealed much of anything about his past as he is both ashamed and embarassedd by past events. He has never mentioned his family or friends as the pain of loss is still too near. Though Kal is a young dwarf, he has already had great responsibility thrust upon him and has made his share of mistakes. None of wish he has any desire to share with those in his party.


Kal has enjoyed the adventures he has encountered with this newfound party as it keeps him both occupied and physically strong. Though he likes some in the party more than others, he is grateful for being included in any group. Kal is in a point in his life when he is attempting to start anew, so enjoys being along for the ride and getting the opportunity to fight whatever beasts and evils come his way with the help of his new companions.


Kal's main goal is to put his past behind him and start fresh. He does however have a rival who he would not mind disposing of if he had the chance in order to ultimately return to his home land.



Kal has a great respect for Emilie both on and off the battle field. To Kal, she seems both intelligent and capable in battle, which is a great asset for the party. However, he is impatient during encounters with Emilie and Tahlarien as they often go down emotional and tense paths of conversation, both of which Kal has no desire to be a part of. Emilie's spontaneous nature also catches Kal off guard sometimes and frustrates him as he cannot understand why she would put herself in danger by temporarily leaving the group.


Isaac is Kal's favorite among the party members. In Kal's eyes, Isaac seems genuine and caring towards all in his party. He also seems to behave the most logically in most situations in Kal's opinion. Though recent events have shown that Isaac's past was troubled and Isaac may not have always behaved honorably, Kal is one to forgive the past and accept Isaac for who he is now. Only time will tell if this trust is misplaced or not.


Kal and Namfoodle have a tense relationship. One reason is because Kal is wary of those who flaunt great intelligence as Kal is often insecure about his own. Kal is also intolerant of cowardice after seeing so much death in his life, so is annoyed by Nam's back of the line tactics in battle. To Kal, Namfoodle also seems to be one who has the capacity to use others in order to increase his own profit, and Kal hates feeling used and is always afraid of betrayal.


Kal has little patience for Tahlarien. Growing up around stern dwarf women he is annoyed by Tahlarien's slow-speaking and overly emotional dialogues. He would like to like her more because she has proven herself many times in battle, but her seeming desire to get an emotional rise out of others off of the battle field causes Kal to sigh, "Ugh, women."


Kal likes Vic since Vic never causes any problems and does not seem the type to try to manipulate others. Kal enjoys his out of the box approach to situations such as licking random objects, and Kal finds Vic's new suit quite dazzling. Kal could see Vic as a person who he could just pass the time with without having to worry about being pressed to talk about serious issues or his past.



"Ugh, women."