Aetraterra: The Gods' Ultimatum Wiki

Isaac Coale's former crew from his past life in Sinkoff. The ones that aren't deceased despise Isaac, though Isaac is loathe to take any responsibility for this.

Generation One[]

Isaac's first group of adventuring partners. It was created in Isaac's late teenaged years, and broke apart a few years later, roughly 10 years prior to the start of the campaign.

Robert Jones[]

Isaac's childhood friend and later boyfriend, Robert was a constant presence throughout Isaac's life. Not much is known about their relationship, but it is known that Bobby left Isaac's first team soon after Lizzy was tricked into fleeing. He returned 10 years later when he got wind that Isaac's crew had been hired by Southpaw, hoping to dissuade the group.

Isaac holds deep respect for Bobby, and considers him to be a rival as a treasure hunter and as an artificer. It is unknown what Bobby thinks of Isaac.

Snoot "Lizzy" Gumtail[]

An excitable, talkative lizardfolk, Snoot Gumtail joined Isaac's team after making enemies with an underground gambling organization. He was later tricked by Isaac into believing that said organization had finally tracked Lizzy down, and was after blood.

Astyth "Traps" Gildhallow[]

The second generation of a family of poor, dwarven immigrants, Astyth Gildhallow dreamed of being able to give her family a better life than the one they had. This ambition took the form of burglary in her younger years, but a teenage Isaac and Bobby turned her life around after she fell into their group following a failed attempt to break into Bobby's home. All three having come from the slums of Sinkoff, they became tireless in their adventurous pursuit of money to further their lot in life. Astyth was deeply saddened when Bobby left the group without saying goodbye, but Isaac promised her that they would do fine without him.

After carving out a steady stream of jobs with Isaac, Astyth was finally able to comfortably support herself and her family. However, she found herself longing for a slower paced lifestyle. She decided she wanted to start a business, a respectable store that her and her descendants could work at and live in for generations to come. Isaac promised her that the group would work extra hard to give her the initial capital she needed.

That promise was left unfulfilled, however, when Astyth was killed during a confrontation with Southpaw, a year before the beginning of the campaign. Catherine and Vitily both blame Isaac, who denies responsibility in turn.

Generation Two[]

Isaac and Traps recruit two new members, nicknamed Lady and Face, and gain not a small amount of reputation for being able to complete odd-jobs, treasure hunting in particular being known as the group's forte.

Catherine "Lady" Emberwood[]

Catherine Emberwood is the living embodiment of strength, power, and grace. At least, no one ever tells her she isn't graceful to her face. As a child, Catherine listened to her mother's stories about their family's proud noble origins with rapt attention, and tried her hardest to be everything her disgraced knight of a father wanted from her. Now an adult, she refuses to rest until she is restored to the high class society she believes is her rightful place.

Although Isaac and Traps were no strangers to armed combat, one too many close shaves forced them to recognize the need for a teammate with actual martial training. Isaac discovered the muscled mercenary as she was being tossed out of Sinkoff's wealthier district for attempting, rather brazenly, to seduce several noblemen passing through. Catherine was intrigued by Isaac's promise to help her goals in exchange for her fighting prowess, and joined the group.

Catherine's original nickname was "Muscles," but Isaac was quickly convinced to find a more suitable name for one as noble as herself.

Vitily "Face" Lazarev[]

Vitiliy Lazarev was the most recent recruit to Isaac's party, having only joined four years before the group's disintegration. What he lacks in brains he makes up in charisma and sex appeal, which he freely employs to get what he wants. A wandering musician, he travels from tavern to tavern, making music which, like his character, is superficially pretty, but lacks any identifiable depth.

Vitiliy was convinced to join Isaac's crew by promises of fame and wealth, but secretly he was just thrilled to have someone there to tell him what to do with his life. He served as the party's support, able to do anything the others could... only, not as well.

Present Day[]

After Traps is killed in a job gone wrong, Catherine and Vitily swear revenge on Isaac, whom they blame for the event. Neither goes by their Isaac-given nicknames, now, to Vitily's vain chagrin. The pair happen to meet up another ex-teammate of Isaac's, Snoot, who is outraged when he is told of his past deception. The three keep in touch during their stay around Trapden, and pounce on the opportunity for payback when Isaac happens to stop by with his new, third generation crew. The heroes fortunately step in to save Isaac, and escape from the trio's wrath. The threesome does not immediately pursue the party, but they are aware of the party's next destination, Sangor. Their current plans are unknown.

Robert, the only other surviving member of Isaac's groups, is employeed by the government and Crown in some capacity. His location is unknown.