Aetraterra: The Gods' Ultimatum Wiki
Type Small Country
Location Zyne Vul continent
Population Million People? Iunno
Race(s) Predominantly humans, but known for its diversity
Attitude towards PCs Indifferent
First Visited Player Character Backstories
Last Visited Session 10: A Punishing Past

Enderland is a small country led by a human monarchy. Located in the Northern continent of Zyne Vul, it enjoys a fairly temperate climate. To the North, it is bordered by the Draconnae Terra mountain range, and an as-of-yet unnamed Dwarven kingdom. Its western shores reach the vast ocean. It is unknown what lies to the East and South (to the players, at least).


Enderland (named after Endronius VII, its first human monarch) is a small country in the temperate zone on the west coast of the Greater continent. Centuries ago, it was an elven haven, where powerful elven magic practitioners developed their arts, and the elven populations flourished. Humans began building towns in the area, and eventually settled down, forming a monarchy and assimilating the elves into their culture. The leader of the human unification was Endronius VII, a war general with questionable (and often purposefully omitted form history books) tactics. Though in the present Enderland is considered a sanctuary for any race with its relatively relaxed laws and general populace acceptance of diversity, tensions between elves and humans still flare up.

Enderland's peaceful existence now balances precariously on the edge of anarchy-- the king and queen, as well as their daughter of twenty, had been killed in a struggle with the kobold clans north of Enderland. The young son is now the sole heir to the throne, and helped by his parents' ancient cleric adviser, is attempting to keep the country peaceful.

Notable Geography[]

Duskorb Forest[]

The party fled through the forest after military began hunting for them in Creston. It was found to be an unpleasant, dangerous place full of yellow musk creepers and naga. Also the trees may or may not be animated.


A small, wary village within Duskorb, home to a population of peaceful lycanthropes. It has recently suffered through several raids, causing its citizens to become suspicious of outsiders. An acquaintance of Tahlarien was found living here.

Notable Towns and Cities[]


Capital of Enderland. In light of the continued break-down of government services, large parts of the population are trying to make their way there to demand or complain, hoping that, in person, their requests would be heard. But some people do not return.


Main Article: Creston

A popular tourist destination and restocking town on route to Glavdell. Currently experiencing a spree of mysterious disappearances, as well as raids carried out by The Nightingale Bandit. It is also notable for being the first town visited by The Party.


Hometown of Namfoodle Scheppen and Sebastian Glordon Highcastle the Fifth.


A small, intimate town. The land is no good for farming, but there is a sizable marketplace that keeps Plainsite on the map. Most denizens of the community know each other, and aside from traveling merchants, strangers are not common. Emilie boarded the wagon to Glavdell from the Plainsite station, and thus met The Party.


A port town. More slum than anything, black markets and smugglers thrive here. It is home to a large number of Wizard rejects, fresh from failing at the nearby island academy at Volche's Nest. Isaac Coale grew up here, as did a large number of his former crew.


A large riverside city that serves as the arrival and departure point for a significant portion of Enderland. The Party stopped here for three days before continuing their journey to Sangor. Isaac, Kal, and Vic attempted to sow the seeds of legend by hiring various bards and minstrels to sing about Vic and his recently acquired Shiny Suit, but this was cut short when Namfoodle chose to destroy an accompanying accordion. It is unknown whether the legend will persevere. One of Isaac's old teammates, Lizzy, was found to have made a home here.