Emilie Barrowman
Emilie colored
Player Jonathan
Class Crusader 9
Race Human
Age 18
Alignment Lawful Good
Status Alive
Favorite Weapon Longsword
Favorite Action Divine Surge

Emilie Barrowman (born Olivia Whitaker) is Jonathan's character in the Aetraterra campaign. She was with The Party at its inception when a public transport wagon they were riding was attacked by hired thugs for an unknown reason. Although aggressive in personality and a trained soldier, Emilie paradoxically refuses to fight any target that is not an immediate threat to the party's well-being. This becomes quite a problem very frequently. Emilie usually follows Isaac's lead.


Emilie has a brilliant fire in her heart. The events of the campaign offer her a level of excitement she only dreamed of before, and thus she treats every day as a gift. However, she is easily offended, and it is easy to get on her bad side. Emilie has an iron-hard sense of justice that borders on unrealistic. She can come across as rude, but only if she thinks someone else was rude first.

She is an interesting cocktail of independence and co-dependence. Though she likes to think of herself as self-driven and her own best asset, the truth is she lacks the confidence and love of self to fully embrace this mentality. She often seeks reassurance from her companions that she is doing a good job. She receives what she wants to hear graciously, but denies the rest sarcastically. Emilie has much more growing to do than she wants to admit, even to herself.



Emilie was sentenced to death for a crime her father committed, and Southpaw brought her back in fulfillment of a promise to her father. Born Olivia Whitaker, Emilie adopted an alias to hide from the government of Enderland. She now considers the alias to be her real name. Everything changed when she died, as things usually do, and the old name doesn't feel right anymore.

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Emilie has spent her time with her companions trying to get them to like her so that she could have a family with whom she felt safe. She hoped that when they inevitably discovered that she was in fact an animated corpse, they would have become attached to her enough that they would not spurn her. The ultimate reveal was terrifying for her, but it ended up going much better than she expected. She has succeeded in finding friends that love her, and to her surprise, she loves them too. Despite the selfish and callous tone she can sometimes take, it is actually deeply important to her that all of her companions feel safe and comfortable in the party. In Session 26, Emilie finally amassed the resources to bring her body fully back to life.

Emilie's JournalEdit

Emilie kept a journal in-game up until she was revealed to be undead, at which point she no longer needed an inanimate object as an outlet for her deep, private thoughts. Now she feels relatively comfortable speaking her mind, especially to Isaac.


First and foremost, Emilie quests to become the greatest crusader who ever lived, and to fight in the king's army as a high-ranking officer. Similarly, she wishes to weed out the corruption in the royal army spread by Atamant and Lanaea. She actively pursues the quest to complete the Tome of Time, as she believes this to be an effective way to prepare for the first goal and accomplish the second.


Isaac CoaleEdit

Emilie loves Isaac. There's something crooked about him that she can't quite identify, but the good in his heart that he has shown to her is so precious that she remains in a state of denial that it is there. Hopefully nothing bad will come of that. In any case, Isaac's personality is too consistently generous for it all to be a sham. Right? He's a useful ally, and an older brother. Will they maintain correspondence after their quest comes to an end? Probably not. That's just how these things go.

Namfoodle ScheppenEdit

Emilie likes Namfoodle. If Isaac is an older brother, Nam is a younger one. The pair had a very rocky start filled with arrogance displayed by both individuals, but as they journey together they are getting a better idea of what makes the other tick. Emilie values Namfoodle's plans, knowledge, and input, and is not too proud to let him take the lead when he has a good idea. She passionately stands up for him during intra-party conflicts, even though he hasn't always been the best to her. She feels like she understands him to an extent, and that makes her more forgiving.

Kal GrobnarEdit

Kal's cool. In a weird uncle kind of way. He's a phenomenal and reliable ally on the battlefield. He's got his quirks, but he's harmless (unless you ask his favorite prey, Namfoodle). His temper is something to behold. It's actually pretty entertaining.


Vic seems to be a simple man with simple pleasures. Emilie takes a stance of "you do you" with the cleric. She has no reason to trust or distrust him, so she has no problems adventuring with him. However, she would feel awkward if left alone with him. Maybe even a little on edge.

The Nightingale Bandit Edit

"Okay don't get me wrong because he's total filth and a user and abuser and he's got soot in his heart but he's also done some good stuff for us is all and I admit I've grown to like it a little bit when our paths cross HEY NO I DON'T LIKE HIM STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU"

Achievements and TriviaEdit

  • Extensive training as a crusader
  • One time slew an enemy in one attack from full health before it even had a chance to do anything
  • Loves ice cream
  • Dislikes sexism
  • Is kind of racist, especially against non-humanoids.
  • Is demisexual
  • Likes Matthias
  • Does not like The Nightingale Bandit


"Wow okay you're really not helpful right now."

"He thinks we're in cohorts with the Illithids!" [sic]

"Hey I just thought of something you can do when we get you back on your throne: fix your country."


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