Aetraterra: The Gods' Ultimatum Wiki
Type Small Town
Location Enderland, Duskorb Forest. South of the Capital
Population Small-ish
Race(s) Predominantly humans, with drow, dwarves, gnomes, and half-orcs
Attitude towards PCs Indifferent
First Visited Session 01: A Carriage Catastrophe
Last Visited Session 07: An Exercise in Exodus

Creston was the first stop for the party in the campaign. It is currently experiencing a distressing spree of unexplained disappearances, which is frightening a significant portion of its populace into fleeing the town.


It is a town in the center of the Forest, but within the town's boundaries the trees have been tamed and mostly cleared away. The road passes straight through the center of town, but is bordered by a wall of well-kept trees. On the left (if you stand on the road facing the capital) is the tavern and inn, a multi-storied brick building, simple yet sturdy. The tavern is on the first floor, and the inn takes up the other five. Near the tavern is a park, with a flower garden that is publicly taken care of, a fancy fountain with benches surrounding it, a gazebo, a set of swinging benches, and a nice grass field. In the trees behind the tavern, the top tower of the monastery is seen, and a small dirt path leads into the woods to the monastery's entrance. The job board is posted on the tavern's outside wall.  

On the other side of the road, the residential area is situated behind the commercial area. In the commercial street (it runs parallel to the main road) we have: travel/outdoors merchandise, apothecary, cobbler/tailor, butcher, post office, monastery, grocer, hospital, baker, armour/weapon store, and library. On the residential street (parallel to the others), the school is a small building at the end of the road.

Job Board Postings[]

  • "Large poster: WANTED Nightingale Bandit [picture of him]. Reward: 100,000 gp. Dead or alive."
  • "Missing persons: Beren Landanchor (38, human, long red hair), Sylvia Fett (23, human, dark brown hair), Rimbola Jayde (13, elf, green hair), Adanna Faunstep (102, drow, grey hair). Missing from the monk ranks: Grunt Je (half-orc), Stefan Kole (human), Fairlight Snowcarp (half elf), Dunne Swiftgraze (centaur), Caster Landon (human), Eol (githzerai)."
  • "Hat (tabby cat) stuck in tree since yesterday. Please Help. -Mrs. Basket"
  • Looking for a library apprentice. Trained in magic arts. Tall only. -Nox
  • Selling used spellbooks, magic items, clothes, furniture! Everything must go! -the Rockhedge family
  • Interested in acting? Singing? Dancing? You don't have to be a bard to join! Support our cause and help establish a theatre in Creston! Join the Unichords today! Michelle, Augold, and Katel are looking for talented and charismatic performers to help spread love of the arts!
  • THE Gods are ANGRY and Shall CLEANSE the WORLD. PRAY AND REPENT before It is too LATE and YOU Shall be SAVED!


  • Adreyan (head bookeeper at the monastery) 
  • Cleff, the Half-Orc innkeeper
  • Mrs. Basket, an old, catless lady.
  • Nox, a short librarian.
  • The Rockhedge Family: A dwarf husband and human wife and their child.
    • Frightened by the spree of missing persons, they are leaving town.